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The unique Hubbs approach!

Flexible housing requires the right approach

The unique Hubbs approach

When it comes to flexible housing, the right approach involves due care and attention. Thanks to our extensive experience, Hubbs can fulfil all your flexible housing needs.

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  • Wide range of accommodations
  • Flexible rental options
  • All-inclusive service
  • More than 10 years of experience

Arrange immediate housing for your staff in 6 easy steps!

  • Step 1: Application form & inventory

    Once you’ve completed the application form, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to schedule an obligation-free introductory meeting, if desired. During this meeting, we’ll work with you to determine your needs, including the number of people, the duration of their stay, the type of home, the desired region, and other specific requirements or questions.

  • Step 2: Screening

    After taking the inventory, Hubbs will screen your organization based on a number of elements, such as professional and representative appearance, references, employees, etc. This screening allows us to maintain our promise to provide high-quality housing.

  • Step 3: Rental proposal & clear agreements

    Once the inventory and screening are complete, you’ll receive a simple rental proposal from us. This rental proposal is based on your requirements and the accommodation’s features. We’ll send the rental contract after you’ve agreed to the rental proposal.

  • Step 4: Rental contract

    You’ll receive a rental contract from us after you’ve agreed to the rental proposal. The agreements made are included in this rental agreement. The rental agreement is between you and Hubbs and forms the basis for the rental of the accommodation and the agreements made between the parties, such as the duration of the contract, the rental price, management, and the notice period. After the rental agreement has been signed by both parties, the key handover will take place.

  • Step 5: Key handover & check-in

    During the key handover, a final pre-inspection of the accommodation will be carried out, and you’ll receive a report with photos of the accommodation’s current condition. Our accommodations are delivered fully decorated and furnished.

  • Step 6: Management & periodic inspections

    Periodic inspections are scheduled in advance; you’ll, of course, be informed. You’ll receive a report – including photos of any peculiarities – by email from our technical department after each inspection. If any maintenance or minor repairs are required during the rental period, we’ll handle that for you!


Are you looking for flexible housing for your employees? Hubbs has a wide range of accommodations from apartments to detached houses!  

Our homes are delivered fully furnished and decorated. Naturally, all our accommodations meet the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (Foundation for Flexible Housing Standards, or SNF) guidelines. Should your staff require immediate rental housing, we can quickly provide a temporary solution.

Meet the Hubbs team

From the moment you approach us, Hubbs will be at your service! Our experienced team will be happy to schedule an obligation-free introductory meeting with you.