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View our wide range of high-quality accommodations for your staff!

Hubbs is constantly growing and on the lookout for new housing. This makes it impossible to keep our full range of properties updated on a daily basis. You’ll find a number of properties from our range of accommodations below. For our current range, availability, and further options, contact us or register for our weekly newsletter.

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What does our service include? Here’s what we can do for you

  • ✓ Flexible rental options

    When it comes to flexible housing, either short-term or long-term, you can rely on Hubbs. We offer all-inclusive solutions for all your housing needs. Transparency is very important to Hubbs, which is why we work with itemized rental pricing. This means you know exactly what to expect and prevents any unpleasant financial surprises later.

  • ✓ All-inclusive service

    Hubbs attaches great value to high-quality housing for staff. For example, we adhere to strict quality standards that guarantee not only the quality of the accommodation, but also the inventory and all aspects of our services. All our accommodations meet the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (Foundation for Flexible Housing Standards, or SNF) guidelines and are delivered fully decorated and furnished. The accommodations are subject to periodic inspections carried out by our inspectors and minor maintenance work is carried out where necessary.

  • ✓ Wide range of accommodations

    From apartments to detached houses – our extensive network means we can offer an ever-changing range of accommodations across a wide area. All our homes are immediately available and equipped with every comfort.

  • ✓ Immediately available - fully decorated and furnished

    We deliver our accommodations fully furnished and decorated. Hubbs ensures the accommodation is fully prepared for habitation by providing a complete inventory that includes a kitchen package, home textiles, etc.

  • ✓ Management and maintenance

    Hubbs is your fixed point of contact throughout the rental period and will handle the management and maintenance of the property. Our inspectors will carry out periodic inspections of the property and, if necessary, perform minor technical maintenance work immediately. We also handle matters surrounding the accommodation, such as garden maintenance. We’re here to take the burden off your hands when you’re confronted with time-consuming issues.

  • ✓ 24/7 availability

    You’re always welcome to contact us if you’ve any questions or problems. Transparency is important to Hubbs, which is why we keep you informed of any and all developments concerning the accommodation. In the event of any problems and/or emergencies, you can reach us on our emergency number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • ✓ Periodic inspections

    We ensure periodic inspections of the accommodation are carried out to maintain our quality guarantee. We’ll always notify you of an inspection in advance. You’ll also receive a report – including photos of any peculiarities – by email from our inspectors after the periodic inspection.

Hubbs offers comfortable and safe housing for your employees!

We ensure high-quality housing and handle property management, taking the burden off you. To guarantee optimum living comfort, we carry out periodic inspections and professional maintenance work. Hubbs also ensures maintenance work is carried out efficiently and as quickly as possible. We are your fixed point of contact, making sure you can rent stress-free!